Organizing Vacation Time for Small Business Employees

Organizing Vacation Time for Employees


Vacation Time for Employees
Vacation Time for Employees

Lack of vacation time can result in the loss of valued employees. Then throw in the surprises when they fail to notify you of absences on time or say they are planning a retreat during the busy months. The economy is changing and so does a company’s ability to over-staff or give a longer vacation time to those who may deserve it or need it. It’s simply not easy anymore. And while people need their vacation time, it is often times hard to fit everybody into a perfect schedule while satisfying them. There are ways, however, that it can be done. A little sacrifice of your own time goes a long way when planning out the year.

Scheduled Downtime

As we all know, a manager would usually not purposefully deprive someone of vacation time. An employee that doesn’t ever get a break may experience a burnout per say. Science has not just suggested, but now proven, that breaks are necessary for an individual’s productivity level to remain present and grow. It would also appear that older employees tend to save up vacation time “just in case”. Whereas Millennials use it as it comes and almost as if it were a tool.


Dont Waste Your Time Off
Dont Waste Your Time Off

Don’t Waste Your Time Off

As a manager you will have to understand who does what and when they do it and where. Basically, don’t get tied up and end up too understaffed. You can push it, but don’t allow your staff’s energy and wellness fall. You will have to make tough calls but do not let yourself fly under the bus if you get in too deep.

Share the Decision Process with Other Leaders

This shouldn’t be a one man gig if there are others on staff leadership there to help. Organizing a staff’s vacation rotation should be as unbiased as possible. By doing this it allows more people to ultimately get what they are wanting. Working as a team, even for tasks like this, is crucial in order to maintain a healthy problem solving atmosphere. By including them you are removing extra conflict or unwanted opinions.


Their Vacation is not for you to Judge

Some people require a beach retreat or a cabin in the woods to retire, but others may be just as satisfied with a fun week of whatever hobby or eccentric activity they love to do. There is nothing to justify judging someone if they are doing something that makes them feel happy. They are not putting a vacation to waste by doing what they want. So long as they provide filled-out vacation request forms for approval prior to taking off, everything should be fine.


Pick different people at random each year that get to select vacation first, or offer an incentive. Then the next year a new group will pick first. This ensures equality in the workplace and helps eliminate petty jealousy. The rotation is fair and makes for an interesting change up.


This is a newer approach in giving everyone the vacation they want. During a desirable time of the year the company will shut down to accommodate vacation for everyone that works there. Since the most popular time to ask for vacation is in the summer, it is easy to let everyone go on that dreamy beach getaway. This is instilled in many European factories and companies. It seems to be a new idea in the United States, but it is surely creeping in.

Find Even More Options

Again, we highlight the fact that not everyone is the same and some people don’t want a full blown vacation. Some individuals may be satisfied by having one day off a month or a couple days every so often. People that might request this would be a huge benefit to you as a manager. There would be less of a chance that things would get out of hand due to an understaffed day or two. Since their personal interest in their vacation should matter to you, take a minute and listen to what they are planning. Then you can easily give them options to fit their lifestyle.


Don’t Forget About Yourself
Don’t Forget About Yourself

Don’t Forget About Yourself

If you are going to organize the perfect vacation system for your staff and not take a day or two for yourself. If their time is valued to the extent that extra lengths are met to keep them happy, then you can be happy too. After all you are an important component to the animal. If you don’t rest you are not giving your staff the very best as their manager. As we read earlier, humans don’t run forever. Just like a battery needing a recharge every once in a while.


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